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CAPITI's mission is to contribute to the healthy and more autonomous development of children in need with developmental disorders.


CAPITI provides families in need with children and young people with neurodevelopmental problems, clinical services for the early identification of the situation and access to intervention and diagnosis throughout childhood and adolescence through regular monitoring with consultations in the area of child development.

CAPITI started its activity in 2017, with a pilot project, in the greater Lisbon area, in the municipalities of Lisbon, Oeiras and Cascais. In this first year of activity, 44 children from deprived families were supported with consultations and treatments at the partner clinic PIN - Progresso Infantil. In 2018 CAPITI broadened its geographical scope and entered into partnerships with clinics in Porto, Coimbra and Albufeira, so that it is possible to accompany children in their area of residence. Today it supports 76 children and young people for an average period of treatment of 4 years.

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CAPITI can only support children / young people if the necessary funds exist to ensure payment for the necessary clinical treatments. For this, CAPITI structures a set of fundraising actions to promote the sponsorship of children by patrons (individuals / companies) or solidarity initiatives, such as this one.

The annual cost of a child, including medical appointments, follow-up therapies and assessments is, on average, € 1,000. CAPITI negotiated with the partner clinics a 30% discount on the cost of consultations and treatments. To hold families responsible, they are asked to pay a minimum, albeit symbolic, amount of the total treatment.

Depending on the donation amount, more children / young people will be able to start treatment in the area of neuro-development.

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