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Doctors of the World

Médic os do Mundo Portugal (MdM) is a non-profit NGO for humanitarian aid and development cooperation, integrating an International Network present in 15 countries (Germany, Greece, Japan, USA, Argentina, among others) and with more than 400 projects worldwide.

In Portugal in 1999, Médicos do Mundo started its activity, having already 18 years of work with the most vulnerable population in our country. Its action is located in Lisbon, Porto, Viseu and Castanheira e Pera, providing free health care to the vulnerable population and fighting discrimination.

Currently, it has 13 projects at national level, its intervention being relevant and essential for more than 4500 beneficiaries / year, among which:

· Medicines Bank (Porto, Viseu, Lisbon);

· Porto Escondido and Saúde a Girar (support for early detection of HIV / AIDS; support for homeless people);

· UHSA and CATR (temporary reception centers for foreign citizens and refugees);

· TCI / VIVA / VIVER HEALTHY (support for active aging and home support);

· LIKE II (prevention and control of NCD among young people).

The Esperança Mission project was recently created, following the tragic events that plagued the country in June and October 2017. This was the first MdM Humanitarian Emergency mission in Portugal. After the emergency phase is over, we continue to provide psychosocial support, health care and logistical support to the population of Castanheira de Pera, a victim of the fires.

We are a family owned and operated business.

If you want to know more visit the website or on Facebook .

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